Welcome to the Gilbert Fine Art Blog

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Welcome to the Gilbert Fine Art Blog

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Marty Gilbert and I reside in Vernon, British Columbia. My passion is Okanagan landscape photography and the Gilbert Fine Art website has been active for almost 2 years now. It has allowed us the opportunity to connect with art lovers residing in the Okanagan as well as non residents who are fans of this spectacular area in BC, Canada. While the majority of the current photos on the website are taken in the Okanagan, my goal is to further expand my portfolio to include more photos of Western Canada. However, as a result of the travel limitations in the last couple years, I have been unable to travel to and explore new locations. This wasn’t all bad, I was able to instead focus my landscape photography on areas close to home, which (let’s be honest) is pretty spectacular!

Cougar Canyon
Cougar Canyon, Vernon BC

I have decided to keep this blog in an effort to keep contact with folks. I plan to update it with pop up gallery locations, art show dates, new photo releases and any other info that will help keep us connected. As fall slowly descends onto our little corner of the world, I am once again awed by the beauty of it all. I hope that the images I capture of this incredible Autumn season please you as well.

Thanks for reading,

– Marty –

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