About the Artist

MartyGilbertI am a full-time real estate agent living in Vernon, British Columbia with my wife and 3 terrific kids. When I’m not working with my clients, I enjoy exploring new places to capture incredible moments with my camera. The Okanagan Valley offers some of the worlds most fantastic scenery, and I often spend hours hiking in the early morning or twilight searching for a beautiful scene to capture. Like a golfer trying to hit the perfect shot, or a fisherman looking to reel in something fantastic, I am driven to go out repeatedly, looking for that perfect moment to immortalize in a photograph.


Unlike many landscape photographers that are enthusiastic about cameras, technology and editing techniques, I somewhat grudgingly learned most of this as a necessity.  My motivation is to explore fascinating places and capture moments. Each time I ended up with an uninspiring image, I needed to know what went wrong so I learned new techniques in the field, acquired top quality camera gear and researched better editing techniques. I demand that my images have perfect exposure with vivid colors and astounding clarity.  As a self-taught landscape photographer, it has taken me years of trial and error to learn how to capture fine art quality photographs that I am excited to share. I am proud to offer my Western Canada focused landscape photography for others to enjoy as fine art prints.

The Okanagan Project

My objective in setting out to capture the Okanagan gallery of images, was to showcase the beauty of this area in all its diversity. I wanted to capture all the distinct seasons and weather conditions. The Okanagan is widely known for its lakes, golf courses and wineries under a beautiful summer sky.  While that is certainly accurate, there is so much more, and I want to portray as much of it as possible.